About Us

Genealogies of Sepharad is an interdisciplinary research group of scholars and writers based in the United States, Spain, Portugal, and Israel who explore the meanings of Sepharad in Spanish and Portuguese history and culture as well as in the Sephardi diaspora from the 19th century to the present.  We trace and analyze the genealogies and shifting reception of concepts such as Sepharad, Sephardism, and Iberian Jewish heritage in diverse historical and cultural discourses, narratives, and representations. Our studies are based on historical (including oral history), literary, cultural, ethnographic, and social scientific approaches. The group does not conduct individual or family genealogy searches.

We host annual seminars that include other researchers and writers working on similar themes. Our first encounter was in Soria, Spain (2015), at a seminar titled “Sepharad as Seen from Present-Day Spain,” organized for the International Association of Spanish Literature and Film (ALCES XXI) conference. Since then, we have met in Cambridge, Mass. (2016), Zaragoza (2017), Madrid (2018), Salamanca (2019), and Lisbon (2022).  In 2020, we conceived, authored, and edited a special issue of Quest. Issues in Contemporary Jewish History (issue 18), titled “Genealogies of Sepharad.”  Individuals in the group have also written important award-winning books, edited volumes of collected essays, and been engaged in other relevant research and archival projects.  Through annual encounters, research, and publications, Genealogies of Sepharad has garnered a name within contemporary Iberian Jewish Studies.